About the Campus Gateway Project

​NJIT’s Campus Gateway project is a multifaceted plan to revitalize the area around the NJIT campus.  The plan envisions the creation of a mixed-use district filled with 24/7 activity where thousands of students, facility, staff and Newark residents converge to live, work and play.  Enhancing the quality of life – on and around campus – is critical to the growth of NJIT as an urban university.  NJIT cannot continue to attract high quality students, faculty and staff without an attractive mix of retail, recreation and entertainment activities.

In 2009, NJIT received redeveloper designation from the City of Newark for the project and entered into an agreement with the City to facilitate implementation of the Broad Street Station Redevelopment Plan.  NJIT subsequently entered into an agreement with JLL to serve as master developer. 


St. Michaels Hospital